Most of the versions word this psalm as a love song. Ps 45:10-12 are spoken to the bride. And it’s a Maschil or probably a well-written psalm for such a momentous occasion. It has much more in common with the book of Proverbs than it seems to have with the rest of the Psalter. Of the Sons of Korah. The psalm is addressed to two people, first to the king who is the groom and second to the bride. He’s their deliverer. The throne of this almighty King is established for ever. He was one of the most important figures in the Counter-Reformation. My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. The robe of righteousness, and garments of salvation, the change of raiment Christ has put upon her. 4 [And in thy majesty ride prosperously/Appear in your majesty and be victorious][because/for the cause/ride forth for the sake] of [truth and meekness/what is right] and [righteousness/on behalf of justice]; [and/then] thy right hand shall [teach thee/accomplish] [terrible things/awesome things/mighty acts]. Commentary on Psalm 45:1-5 (Read Psalm 45:1-5) The psalmist's tongue was guided by the Spirit of God, as the pen is by the hand of a ready writer. The salvation of sinners is the joy of angels, much more of the Son. We see the man of Calvary whose speech – and whole life – was full of grace and truth. This psalm is a prophecy of Messiah the Prince, and points to him as a Bridegroom espousing the church to himself, and as a King ruling in it, and for it. Ps 45:1 is an announcement of intention, a preface to the song; Ps 45:3 adores the matchless beauty of Messiah; and from Ps 45:3-9, he is addressed in admiring ascriptions of praise. And what we’ll see throughout this psalm is that it’s written on the occasion of the wedding of a Davidic king. In particular, the woman can repeat with the Song of Songs: "My lover belongs to me and I to him" (2:16). And so, now in verses 3-5 this King is encouraged to engage in military exploits. So, for verse 2, if we’re dealing on the human-only Davidic king-level, we see a king being praised for his handsome appearance and gracious speech and evident blessing from God. But he told us that as the Father loved him, he loves us. And yet, that’s hard to maintain. It is a shame that this good matter is not more the subject of our discourse. Everything – including us – belongs to him. And yet, we know the name of Jesus – still to this day. The Story of Psalm 45. Or Rehoboam? 12 And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift;even the rich among the people shall [intreat/seek] thy favour. My heart swells with a noble theme; I will speak of my works to the king; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary (concise), Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete), California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. “The words of these two verses together are incomprehensible unless they are understood to refer to the … And I will walk at liberty Not in licentious way, but in Gospel liberty, under the influence of the free spirit; where is liberty, in the exercise of grace and discharge of duty. The psalmist's tongue was guided by the Spirit of God, as the pen is by the hand of a ready writer. It starts in verse 5…. A. 7 Thou lovest [righteousness/justice],and hatest [wickedness/evil]: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed theewith the oil of [gladness/joy] [elevating you…] above thy [fellows/companions]. (For this Psalm 45 commentary). And he’s addressed as “God.”. If we desire to share these blessings, we must hearken to Christ's word. “ You ” refers to the Son. Book 1 (Psalms 1 - 41) » Psalms 1-41 in one file [or download in RTF format] Psalm 1: The Two Ways … B. So, let’s turn to that Psalm and study it in its context. But we want to focus on verses 8 and 9. To the tune of “Lilies.” Of the Sons of Korah. And if she has difficulty leaving what she knows in this life to join the king, she needs to remember that he's the ruler of this domain. This psalm is touching the King Jesus, his kingdom and government. KJV Hebrews 1:8 Â¶ But unto the Son he saith. Learn how your comment data is processed. EasyEnglish Psalms Tweet: Tell your friends about this website! She would do well to submit to him. And so much of the time, delivery comes as a result of fighting and war. 17 I will [make thy name to be remembered/proclaim your greatness] [in all generations/through the coming years]:therefore shall the [people/peoples/nations] [praise/give thanks to] thee for ever and ever. In the believing hope of our everlasting happiness in the other world, let us always keep up the remembrance of Christ, as our only way thither; and transmit the remembrance of him to succeeding generations, that his name may endure for ever. 1) Before Jesus came to the earth, it meant this. The excellences of the Messiah, the suitableness of his offices, and the sufficiency of his grace, seem to be intended by the fragrance of his garments. And in this life we're poor in numerous ways. Psalm 43 Meaning The Solution to the Psalmist's Depression. And what a day that will be. I’ve read and listened to this Psalm all my life, so popular that it is the passage of Scripture known by most everyone, even non-believers. Note the parallelism and terminology of verses 3-4,10-12,13. For the director of music. And do any of us struggle to be wholly Christ's? Read and study Psalms 45 with the Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary Verse six presents a key to understanding Psalm 1: “For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.” In this psalm, the way of the righteous and the way of the ungodly are contrasted. Psalms 45:1 My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. And so, regarding the bride-to-be of the ancient Davidic king, this is speaking of how elaborate her outfit is as she’s ready to join the king in marriage. 13 The [king's daughter is/princess looks] [all glorious within/absolutely magnificent] [i.e., within her bridal chamber…]:her clothing is [of wrought/interwoven with/trimmed with] gold. 10 [Hearken/Listen], O [daughter/princess], [and consider/give attention/observe],and [incline thine ear/pay attention]; [what does she need to hear?...]. 9 [Kings' daughters/Princesses] [were/are] among thy [honourable/noble/honored] [women/ladies/guests]:[upon/at] thy right hand [did stand/stands] the queen [in/wearing jewelry made with] gold [of/from] Ophir. And I suppose if we're extending this to Christ, then perhaps this points to the richness in heaven that he left in order to become poor so that he could make us spiritually rich. To him that presides upon Shoshannim; for the sons of Korah, instruction, a Song of Loves. This is speaking of God’s kingly Son, Jesus Christ, who is God’s last word and who is better than even the super-powerful angels. … 6 Thy throne, O God, is [for ever and ever/permanent]:the sceptre of thy kingdom is a [right/just] sceptre. Christ won't have competition for our affections. with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. But if we look at this from a Messianic standpoint, we need to ask ourselves - what will Jesus need to do before he comes to enjoy his full reuniting with his Bride, the Church on earth? And the author of this book will go on to give several more quotes from the Old Testament in which he contrasts the unique position of the Son of God to the secondary and servile position of the angels. So, the psalmist is ready to write about this wonderful subject. External Opposition to God’s Work and the Response of God’s People in Nehemiah 2. He has prepared a place for us so that we can be with him forever. Psalms 45:3 Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty. Or…? And not just her outfit – but her attendants are elaborate in terms of their number and their enthusiasm. 14 She shall be [brought/escorted] unto the king in [raiment of needlework/embroidered work/embroidered robes]:the [virgins/maidens of honor] her [companions/attendants] that follow her [shall be brought unto/are led before] thee [<-- Where I get that this is addressed to the king…]. PSALMS RESOURCES Commentaries, Sermons, Illustrations, Devotionals. Don’t you suppose that all creation will be ready observers of this future and imminent event? KJV Hebrews 1:5 Â¶ For unto which of the angels said he at any time. iii. 1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. It is a shame that this good matter is not … And he came for his queen – his bride – the Church. In Latin, it is known as "Eructavit cor meum". Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? WEDDING: Or "Loves" = Yedidoth. I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? These short commentaries are based on Level A EasyEnglish (about 1200 word vocabulary) by Gordon Churchyard. Required fields are marked *. And you might think sometimes that we're the only ones who are benefiting from our relationship to Christ and that he himself is fairly ambivalent about it. And in proportion as we are conformed to his holy image, we may expect the gladdening gifts influences of the Comforter. And I wondered what Jewish people who don’t receive Jesus as their Messiah do with this verse. Thus anointed to be a Prophet, Priest, and King, Christ has pre-eminence in the gladdening gifts and graces of the spirit, and from his fulness communicates them to his brethren in human nature. He has all power on earth and in heaven. The author of Hebrews makes the point immediately in this book that Jesus Christ is God’s final speech. 16 [Instead/In place] of thy fathers shall be thy children, [to carry on the dynasty…]whom thou mayest make princes [in all/throughout] the [earth/land]. And do you know what Psalm that quote is taken from? And she herself is bejeweled with gold from a place known for its gold – Ophir. Just like the psalmist praised the King to the princess, now he does the reverse of that in verses 13-15. PSALM 45. Now, the psalmist goes on to speak in verses 8 and 9 of the King’s desirableness and luxury. So, that’s Psalm 45. ii. And it just so happens that this is the next psalm on our path through studying through the book of Psalms. So, this princess who is soon-to-be-married to this king is encouraged to leave and cleave to borrow from Genesis. <[To/For] the [chief Musician/choir director/music director][upon/according to the] [Shoshannim/tune of “Lilies”],[for/of/by] the [sons of Korah/Korahites],[Maschil/a well-written poem],A [Song of loves/love song].>. The world knows his name. What is the alternative to “wealth gotten by vanity” in Proverbs 13 11? So, the king's clothing is perfumed with various scents. This world and its charms are ready to draw away our hearts from Christ; therefore we are concerned to understand how much more worthy he is of our love. And it will most surely come when our Lord the King comes in his beauty. Psalm 45. The first is that we recognize that this was written for a mere human Davidic king for his wedding procession. 3. This is the bride, the Lamb's wife, whose graces are compared to fine linen, for their purity; to gold, for their costliness: for as we owe our redemption, so we owe our adorning, to the precious blood of the Son of God. For an explanation of outlining method, see "Outline Style" on the About Page. Psalm 37). There is more in Christ to engage our love, than there is or can be in any creature. It could also be classified as a hymn of praise since it includes the characteristic threefold content: a call to praise (verses 1-6), a cause for praise (verses 7-41), and a conclusion (verses 42-45). While meditating on Psalm 23 today, I gained some brand new insights. 8 All thy garments [smell of/are perfumed with] myrrh, and aloes, and cassia,[out of/from] the [ivory/luxurious] palaces, [whereby/comes the music of] [they/stringed instruments] have made thee glad. The good news of Psalm 46 is essentially the same as that of last week’s psalm (see Psalm 91:9-16, Twenty first Sunday after Pentecost) — that is, God is “with us.” This message is reinforced by the refrain of Psalm 46 (verses 7, 11), and it is the central promise in the divine address that … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 46" Because of this, Judaism has seen in Psalm 44(45) a nuptial song, which exalts the beauty and intensity of the gift of love between the spouses. There we’ll see truth and meekness and righteous fully carried out in every way. All the while, the psalmist is speaking of the King. 31-45; 46-60; 61-75; 76-150; Psalm 1 – The Way of the Righteous and the Way of the Ungodly. "I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me" (6:3). And so, I looked at one of their commentaries and they actually changed the word “God” in verse 6 to be “Judge.” And the commentator had this elaborate view of this passage - that it’s actually speaking not of a king but of teachers of the Torah. It is clear of all sin, there is none in it, nor any comes from it. 2 You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever. And then the author goes on to speak of this Son and what he’s like and what he’s done. The primary fact that we take away from this part of the psalm is that this is a love song. All these Korah psalms belong to the time of Hezekiah. To the tune of "Lilies." All Rights Reserved. We don’t know his name. And when we're with him – not wearing gold maybe – but walking on streets of gold – we will be appreciating the riches given to us by our King forever. The Glories of the Messiah and His Bride - To the Chief Musician. The psalm contains an introduction in which the author expresses his desire to write a fitting poem (verse 1); a song addressed to the king, especially emphasizing his royal majesty (verses 2-9); a song addressed to the … MASKIL: See Lesson, Psalms, "Maschil". There is more in Christ to engage our love, than there is or can be in any creature. God the Father, as his God in respect to his human nature and mediatorial offices, has given to him the Holy Spirit without measure. While this is a Psalm 23 commentary of sorts, I’ve put a personal spin on this passage and the way it hit my heart personally. What would you like to tell us about with your pen-like tongue?? He laid down his life for us because we are his friends. “ God, Your God ” speaks of the Father and His position of authority over the Second Person of the Trinity. My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.. 2 Thou art fairer than the children of men: grace is poured into thy lips: therefore God hath blessed thee for ever. We’ll be made princes in all the earth when our King comes to reign and have his wedding procession and wedding supper with us. So, we see that the author of Hebrews clearly states that Jesus Christ – the Son of God – who is better than the angels – was addressed as “God” in the Old Testament. He thought that Psalm 45 meant one thing before Jesus came to the earth and something else after he came! Psalm 45 - For the director of music. And lastly, the psalmist declares the continuation of the King’s rule and reputation in verses 16 and 17. And so, it’s easy to see how this kind of encouragement would fit into the life of a human Davidic king. The church is further spoken of in Ps 45:13-15, and the Psalm closes with another address to the King, foretelling his eternal fame, Ps 45:16-17. If he wants to avoid the claims of Christ, then he needs to try to translate himself out of this uncomfortable reality – that in Jesus Christ, all the fullness of deity dwells bodily. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Here it's reversed. Psalm 45 Psa 45:1 SUPERSCRIPTION: "OF THE SONS OF KORAH. And, that's the way that Hebrews 1 portrays it. Instead of the Old Testament church, there shall be a New Testament church, a Gentile church. And the Church praises him to this day. This psalm is a prophecy of Messiah the Prince, and points to him as a Bridegroom espousing the church to himself, and as a King ruling in it, and for it. A MASKIL. The NIV declares psalm 45 to be a wedding song, according to the title. Now, with the mention of the queen in verse 9, the psalmist goes on in verses 10-12 to appeal directly to the princess – who is soon to be the queen – on behalf of the King. Look at verses 1 and 2. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts, Open your Bibles to Hebrews, chapter 1. The only alternative to just mistranslating this verse for an unbelieving Jew would be to say that verse 6 is basically an aside to God and that it’s not addressing the King at this point. But the crowning jewel is his queen. An Audio Visual Representation of Psalm 83 : Book 1: Psalms 1-41 .
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