This plant will spread easily by rhizomes and self-seeding, and will eventually form a large colony. ‘Pretty in Pink’ – has dark pink flowers. Incidentally geoseed has gaura seeds: Summer Breeze: 100 seeds for 7.85; 1000 for 67.50 The Bride: 200 seeds for 3.35; 1000 for 14.50 They are like a wholesaler but anyone can buy from them. This article will refresh you on the care requirements. Self-seeding plants are nature's gift to gardeners - if they're happy in your garden they will provide you with free plants. Tip cuttings can be struck in early to mid summer. Feedback, questions or accessibility issues: © 2020 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. ‘Butterflies’ series– was developed in Australia out of ‘Siskiyou Pink’. Additional Information While pure white, vegetatively-grown Gaura plants have existed for the last few years, Gaura ‘Cool Breeze’ is the first strain that is available from seed. Sow Gaura seed from February to July on the surface of a good seed compost, and cover with a light sprinkling of compost of vermiculite. Harvesting: For fresh flowers, cut long stems of flowers that have just opened and place them in water immediately; strip the leaves that will fall below the water. Compact cultivars make good edging plants. It adds a unique texture in the garden with its 4-petaled, white butterfly-like flowers borne at the top of the airy spikes. Zones 5 or 6 to 9. With its very textural looking flowers that appear on tall stems, this is a plant that lends itself to mixing in with other plants with similar qualities. Plants that belong to the Gaura genus are half hardy annuals or half hardy perennial shrubs that range from 60 cm to 1.2 metres in height.. Gaura plants bloom from summer through to autumn. Gaura is not fussy about soil type, but does best where it won't have to stand in wet ground. As it continues to grow, it does not become dense but branches out, and is a great plant to have in your wildflower garden as it self-sows its own flower seeds easily. Cut back the flower spikes in fall and remove all dead foliage the following spring. Karalee® Petite Pink (‘Star Pink’) – is a shorter cultivar with deep pink flowers growing only 2 feet tall. Gaura seeds. Gauras have a relaxed habit with small starry flowers in white or pink, appearing from early summer right through to autumn. So much fun. And in fact, they do draw plenty of pollinators. Although technically a perennial plant, blue flax is short-lived, at best. Flowers are readily visited by many types of long-tongue bees and bumblebees, and may also attract butterflies. Very easy to grow from seed, it is not susceptible to disease and bothered by few pests. Gaura Belleza Dark Pink has fewer disease problems and insect or animal infestation. The Gaura plant is drought hardy once … Plant in full sun in ordinary, well-drained soil. Gaura can be propagated from seeds.The seeds are available in local garden shops or can be bought online. Gaura starts blooming in early summer, producing long, branched, wiry flower stems that continue to elongate throughout the extended blooming period until hard frost. When established these hardy perennials can tolerate periods of drought and make beautiful cut flowers. Gaura is extremely easy to start from seed -- so much so that it tends to self-sow. They have a weird catogue format. I have white and pink ones. Water and fertilize sparingly to promote compact growth and more flowers. Although deadheading is not necessary, removing some of the flower stems will keep the plant looking more tidy, encourage more blooms and reduce self seeding. The flower stems may become leggy and flop if grown in rich soils or too much shade. Growing Space plants 60-90cm (24-36″) apart. Some of the plants may self seed, but do not expect the cultivars to come true from seed. It has a wild, slightly unkempt look that suits natural style plantings.
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