Assessors assign a code to each property on an assessment roll. 0000107222 00000 n 0000011376 00000 n 0000004794 00000 n (IIA and IIB) With noncombustible steel or concrete structural framework, walls, and floors, Type II is … 0000111012 00000 n 0000108452 00000 n 0000108552 00000 n ��� �c��]�;5v�k�Ծ�y��>VP"�����+�O�&�Xr6�. 0000014966 00000 n A6 Summer Cottages/Mobile Homes/Trailers 8. A2 One Story (Permanent Living Quarters) 4. NY Work Comp Class Codes. chapter 6. types of construction. A8 Bungalow Colony/Land Coop Owned 10. §[C26-300.2] 27-235 Reference standards.- The Department of Buildings provides this Web version of the Building Code for reference and informational purposes only. 0000108703 00000 n The provisions of this subchapter shall establish and control the classification of all buildings, and spaces therein, with respect to occupancy group and class of construction. 0000006690 00000 n 0000108805 00000 n A0 Cape Cod 2. 0000107088 00000 n 0000110169 00000 n 0000113303 00000 n 0000108402 00000 n 0000106901 00000 n This includes clerical workers, salespersons and executive officers (unless 0000113103 00000 n ALONE FUNERAL HOMES, MISCELLANEOUS OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL FACILITY. 0000112452 00000 n OCCUPANCY AND CONSTRUCTION CLASSIFICATION . 0000107630 00000 n Need to find New York workers compensation class codes?New York is under the jurisdiction of the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB) and uses the New York Workers’ Compensation Statistical Plan Manual.. See the applicable list of WC codes below. 0000111320 00000 n This includes clerical workers, salespersons and executive officers A3 Large Suburban Residence 5. 0000111818 00000 n 0000012095 00000 n 0000012551 00000 n NEW YORK CONSTRUCTION CLASSIFICATION PREMIUM ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM . 0000104873 00000 n 0000112953 00000 n 0000003975 00000 n 0000005051 00000 n 0000112753 00000 n Egress Modifications – Any substantive change in the exiting width, height, length of travel distance, location, or occupancy load of exits, or any change in number of required exits in a building. 0000105016 00000 n Responsibilities … Exterior walls of private dwellings of class 3, non-fireproof construction may be constructed of incombustible material having a fire resistive rating of at least one hour, provided, the building does not exceed one story in height and that the building is separated by at least four feet from any lot line and from any other building. Load-bearing exterior walls shall also comply with the fire-resistance rating requirements of Table 601. 0000107369 00000 n 0000104036 00000 n © 2020 The City of New York. 0000109013 00000 n 0000105173 00000 n 0000013446 00000 n 0000004503 00000 n 0000004366 00000 n Different classifications of occupancy and use represent varying levels of hazard and risk to building occupants and adjacent properties. To quickly find your code description, click on the letter code below. 0000110581 00000 n A1 Two Stories Detached (Small or Moderate Size, With or Without Attic) 3. 0000110723 00000 n 0000109895 00000 n 0000005883 00000 n Under the supervision of the Director of Classifications, the Assistant Mechanical Engineer (Construction Classification) will assist the Bureau in performing its obligations under these labor laws. 229 0 obj <>stream 0000005019 00000 n 0000110827 00000 n 0000105651 00000 n Classification shall be that of the minimum requirement unless all of the requirements for the higher type of construction are met. 0000106942 00000 n * classification of buildings; -> Based on occupancy. 0000111452 00000 n 0000103950 00000 n 0000109359 00000 n 0000113003 00000 n 0000047680 00000 n * Non building structure. All Right Reserve. 0000104833 00000 n Description. 0000010271 00000 n chapter 4. special detailed requirements based on use and occupancy. Data Collection 0000104731 00000 n HOMELESS, OFFICE ONLY WITH OR WITHOUT COMM - 20 STORIES OR MORE, PROFESSIONAL BUILDINGS/STAND 0000109309 00000 n A5 Attached or Semi-Detached 7. RETAIL: NOT AFFIXED & STANDING ON OWN LOT W/PARKING, E.G. Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program General Description The New York Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program (NYCCPAP) addresses the premium differences between high wage and low wage paying employers having similar construction operations. This course must be provided to all employees in the construction industry in the confines of New York City, New York City Department of Building regulates this by rule under the city’s administrative law. 2. chapter 7. fire and smoke protection features. OCCUPANCY AND CONSTRUCTION CLASSIFICATION Subchapter 3. 0000112606 00000 n … 0000105560 00000 n 0000111859 00000 n 0000107841 00000 n 0000107527 00000 n Hereafter Erected: Originally erected as a multiple dwelling in accordance with the laws in effect after January 1, 1929, whether old code (pre-1968) or new code (post-1968). Select 1 Construction Classification. 0000103652 00000 n 0000105367 00000 n 0000009553 00000 n 0000109551 00000 n 0000103830 00000 n 0000110048 00000 n Exception: Portions of buildings that cantilever over an adjacent building or tax lot shall also comply with the fire-resistance ratings of Section 705.12. 0000110682 00000 n TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION TYPE I – This concrete and steel structure, called fire resistive when first built at the turn of the century, is supposed to confine a fire by its construction.
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